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Cribbing Blocks

The Past

Timber has been the traditional material used to support heavy machinery when raised for maintenance or repair.

The Issue - Are these safe?

  • Timber can contain knots
  • Timber can crack
  • No two pieces are the same
  • Becoming more difficult to source the right quality
  • Can give little warning of imminent failure
  • Can cause splinters
  • Using timber is not environmentally friendly
  • No longer the safest way


Is there a better way?

The Solution!

Dura Crib, Dura Stat, Plactic Cribbing, Blocking & Stabilization System

Because almost every cribbing situation involves uneven surfaces, use wedges to stabilise crib stacks when necessary. Wedges are used to fill the gap between the stacked cribbing and the structure, product or vehicle being secured. Wedges should be similar width as the cribbing block or stack. By using wedges almost any gap can quickly be filled to create a safer working environment.

  • 100% recycled HDPE construction for added durability
  • Unmatched strength – stronger than most timbers
  • Resistant to fuel, oil, most chemicals
  • 50 year warranty against splitting, rotting, absorption, termites and mold*
  • Light weight
  • Splinter free
  • Pyramid profile provides a secure base that locks together at any angle
  • Available in black and HI-VIS Yellow
  • The safer alternative

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