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  • What is a Work Related Muscular Skeletal Disorder (WMSD)?

    What is a Work Related Muscular Skeletal

    The term work related muscular skeletal disorder is an umbrella term that describes a wide range of injuries that can…

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  • Cribbing Blocks

    Cribbing Blocks

    Dura Crib ® High density plastic blocks are quickly becoming the new industry standard for Cribbing & Chocking. By replacing…

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  • Dura Crib Dura Stat

    Dura Crib Dura Stat

    Because almost every cribbing situation involves uneven surfaces, use wedges to stabilise crib stacks when necessary. Wedges are used to…

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  • Platforms


    Platforms All of our aluminum work platforms are 100% Australian made and have been designed to last. The lightweight but…

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  • Pit Rescue Trailer

    Pit Rescue Trailer

    This heavy duty axle trailer with loading ramps and attachment holders has been designed to deal with the tough stuff.…

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