With the need to access machinery like large mining machines and buildings at heights that are considered high-risk the need for fit for purpose access solutions has never been more critical. In modern industry where both operator safety and quick and efficient completion of tasks is paramount, Safety MITS Stairs, Work Platforms, Gantries and Height Access Solutions come to the forefront.

Our staff have on-site and work task experience to assess the working conditions of your workshops, work sites, work tasks and maintenance operations, and provide the safest, most cost-effective solution. Our innovative approach to full engineering design and experience in a broad range of height access solutions means a fit for purpose system to meet your needs is achieved.

All Safety MITS height access systems have been designed to provide the maximum safety when working indoors or outdoors. Our range consists of complementary off the shelf access systems, plus we have the experience and engineering capability to build the largest and the most custom systems to meet your requirements.

Whether your organisation is a mining, construction, transport, oil & gas and requiring the simplest or the most custom access solution, Safety MITS is ideally placed to service your needs. Safety MITS is Australia's go-to provider of work platforms, ladders, gantries, temporary stairs and all working at height access solutions.

Safety MITS is proud to be a supporter of innovation in our access solutions, using cutting edge design techniques. All our solutions adhere to design and Australian Standards. Where possible we source our materials locally and use Australian Made materials and labour.