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Zero G Tool Handling System



Product Description

Equipois the manufacturer of Zero G arms spent several years designing and perfecting a range of engineered articulated components and accessories to be used with heavy tools to enable weightless manoeuvrability in work tasks. The Zero G Tool Handling System utilises spring tension and innovative design to balance the weight of tools used in bolt tensioning, drilling, sanding, riveting and many other applications. Capable of holding tools weighing up to 19kg and 38kg respectively fully balanced allowing the user to freely, safely and accurately manoeuvre the tool in any direction without injury or fatigue.
A variety of mounting options are available to suit applications including Tracked Elevating Device (TED), portable gantry’s, carts, jib arms, and linear rail.
All Zero G systems require very little maintenance, no expensive inputs like electricity or compressed air, and proven success in industries including mining and mineral Resources, aerospace, defence and automotivemanufacturing.

Features & Benefits
• Improved safety
• Reduced operator Fatigue
• Total flexible design to suit all tool handing applications
• Suitable for tools up to a weight of 38kg
• Mobile and static systems available
• No expense additional operating costs
• Minimal Maintenance