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MITS-Zero G4 Workshop Trolley System


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Product Description



  • Makes hard tasks easy; more uptime
  • Less wear and tear on workers; fewer injuries
  • Increase morale
  • Improves craftsmanship

The MITS Zero G Workshop Trolley System enable workers to use heavy tool like impact wrenches, nut runners, grinders and chipping hammers effortlessly and as if weightless.

With a working tool payload of up to 19kg, the MITS - Zero G Workshop System can be adapted for use with most heavy hand tools used in mining and heaving engineering workshops.

The entry model MITS - Zero G workshop system is supplied complete with a compact mobile trolley, patented balancing system arm and mounting hardware to allow Ingersoll Rand and Kuken 3/4" to 1-1/2" Impact Wrenches to be mounted. Other tool mountings available on request.

Utilising spring tension and innovative design to balance the weight of tools used in bolt tensioning, drilling, sanding, riveting and many other applications the MITS- Zero G workshop system is fast becoming the latest technology to improve safety, efficiency and quality in heavy industry. Capable of holding tools weighing up to 19kg fully balanced allowing the user to freely, safely and accurately manoeuvre the tool in any direction without injury or fatigue.



  • Working tool payload up to 19kg operating range 4.5kg to 19kg
  • Tool functioning operating arc 0-1700mm vertical and 2600mm horizontal range.
  • Zero G single link balancing arm
  • Zero G 300mm Link Arm Extension with Locking Pin
  • Quick connection mounting ZeroG Fixed Axis Mounting Block with Locking Pin
    Gravity Docking Assembly
  • Mobile trolley incorporating 1.2 mtr mast height, winch operated tool height adjustment, counterweights and bench.
  • Trolley overall foot print 1050mm wide x 740mm long x 1200mm high.

Item Code: ZG-TAA-001

  • Tool Mounting Bracket to suit standard 3/4" - 1-1/2" Ingersoll Rand and Kuken Impact Wrenches, 2 19.1OD x 300mm 360 Degree Rotating Tube Sections, 360 Degree Yoke Assembly, Quick Connect Wrist Assembly, 2 x Collar and Washer Post Mountings
  • Imperial hex key tool set
  • Imperial torx screw tool set

Systems available for sale and rental (subject to availability).

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