Access Work Platform mountable Zero G Tool Balancing System

The Ekso Works Aerial Mounted System is designed to increase safety, reduce fatigue and productivity while working from an elevated work platforms.

Operating heavy tools from an elevated work platforms has never been safer. The Aerial system is designed to mount the revolutionary Zero G Tool Arm to the railing of most elevated work platforms. The Aerial system is easy to install, easy to manoeuvre, and makes the use of heavy tools effortless. The Zero G system will improve productivity and significantly reduce the risk of injury to employees.

Utilising spring tension and innovative design to balance the weight of tools used in bolt tensioning, drilling, sanding, riveting and many other applications the Ekso Works Aerial  Work Platform system is fast becoming the latest technology to improve safety, efficiency and quality in construction and demolition industry. Capable of holding tools weighing up to 16kg fully balanced allowing the user to freely, safely and accurately manoeuvre the tool in any direction without injury or fatigue.

System Features

  • Revolutionary Zero G Tool Arm
  • Up to 16kg tool payload
  • Working reach of 1.2mtrs
  • Dynamic vertical tool travel of 860mm
  • Universal pigtail and lanyard  tool holding system
  • Elevated work platform (EWP) mounting system suitable for most EWP models
  • Quick Mount System for the Zero G Tool Arm
  • Safety Lock system for secure attachment to EWP
  • Robust design to withstand harsh work conditions
  • Heavy duty transport case
  • Also available to be mounted to industry standard scaffold


Images shows a Bosch Impact Drill attached to the tool arm. This tool is not included in the system.

Systems available for sale and rental. Please note: rental is subject to availability.

  • 16kg tool payload
  • Universal "pigtail" and lanyard tool holder
  • 1.2mtr working arm
  • 860mm dynamic tool holder movement
  • Quick and easy mounting to most EWP systems
  • Gravity latch locking system for safety
  • Ideal for use with impact drills, pneumatic chisels, jack hammers and other heavy tools


For step by step instructions for slinging and tool holder attachment, please see our Safety MITS YouTube Channel.