While removing and fitting lock rings to wheels there is the potential for finger crush or cut injuries while holding and moving the lock ring over the wheel base. Until now fit for purpose handles were not available or suit all style of lock rings resulting in tyre fitters gripping the lock ring with gloved hands to remove and fit. The Tuff Lift N Lock Handle solves this issue as hands do not come in contact with the lock ring.




Implement purpose built handles to clip on the lock rings to store easily materials handle the locking rings.




* Hands do not come in contact with lock rings, completely removing the crush / cut potential

* The handle attaches in seconds with quick lock / release system (no bolts or fixing)


Item Code: TT-LRH-XX

Description: Lock n Lift Handle

The “Lock n Lift” Handle has been designed to attach in any position around the LOCK RING within seconds without the Tyre fitter needing to touch or grip the LOCK RING . 

Each handle will connect on either side of a One Piece Lock Ring or a Two Piece Lock Ring fitted with Limiter C;amps, and is designed to be removed as easily as when fitted. Because the handle uses its own Patent Pending quick lock and release system, there is no need for any bolts or retaining screws and when locked onto the Lock Ring allows the Tyre Fitter to safely lift, carry and position the Lock Ring on the inner or the outer wheel rim. 

Tuff Safe and Tuff by Design, the “Lock n Lift” Lock Ring Handle is another product helping to protect Tyre Serviceman from Hazards and dangers associated with Tyre Maintenance whilst also promoting more efficient and safer workplace environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No Fixings or Bolts
  • Safely locks into place in seconds
  • For use on two piece and single lock rings - both sides