EarthMoving Tyre Maintenance Tools

TUFF Twin Lock Ring Trolley & Loading Tower


Suits 51-57" Earth Moving Tyre 

Lock Rings

TUFF Locking Ring Catcher

Show a mine worker removing a locking ring

Lightweight Functional Tool for use in 53", 57" and 63" Lock Rings

TUFF Lock Ring Maintenance Handle


Reduce the  Risk of Hand Injuries During Locking Ring Removal and Installation

TUFF Lock Ring Limiter Clamps

Tuff Industries Lock Ring Limiter Clamps #Safetymits

Useful Accessory During Installation of Lock Rings

TUFF Lock Ring Storage Solutions

Tuff Industries Locking Ring Storage System #safetymits

Ideal storage System for all Lock Rings

TUFF Lock Ring Trolley and storage

Tuff Industries Lock Ring Trolley. #safetymits

Rugged Mobile Trolley for Lock Ring Transport to job